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Running a small business brings about many challenges. We at Go2marK love challenges and are ready to help your small business grow. Our Small Business SEO service is catered towards your needs.

Small Business SEO will put your website in front of your existing and potential customers in the best way possible.

You will get professional SEO services from Go2marK that deliver results and stay within your marketing budget.

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What are the benefits of small business SEO?

  • Creating relevancy in the major search engines
  • Owning high rankings on important keywords
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Increasing the number of relevant visitors to your website
  • Getting free traffic from the major search engines
  • Being recognized as an authority in your field
  • Generating trust and authority
  • Bettering your lead and conversion ratio

What are the steps involved in small business SEO?

  • We conduct keyword research to recognize relevant keywords with search volume
  • We write relevant meta tag data for your web pages (title, description and keywords)
  • We provide relevant web and SEO copywriting that is search engine friendly
  • We ensure that your pages have a correct document outline
  • We create new pages if necessary
  • We optimize images and video
  • We share your content via content marketing
  • We list your small business on Google and Bing
  • We use Google Analytics for visitor stats
  • We follow your project closely after publication and adjust where necessary
  • We mail a monthly ranking report with your most recent rankings
  • We mail a monthly visitor stats report from Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Long term strategy that brings you highly relevant visitors from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
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Pay Per Click

PPC Get relevant visitors with Google, Bing & Facebook advertising. Great long and short term strategy.
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Social Media Optimization

SMO Engage with customers and promote products and services on great social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
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Responsive Web Design

WEB Responsive web design looks fantastic on all devices. Make your visitors feel at home wherever they are.
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Email Marketing

EM Market your customer base with great looking emails.
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Video Marketing

VM Attract new customers by promoting your videos.
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Reputation Management

RM Protect your brand & reputation from online comments and remarks.
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SEO Audit

SA We write an extensive report detailing the good, the bad and the ugly of your website.
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Don't own a website?

If your small business doesn't have a website we can design and host a complete small business SEO friendly website for you that looks fantastic on all devices. Go2marK will also suggest changing systems if the current one is not on par with the industry standard.

WordPress and Drupal are just some of the open source content management systems (CMS) we work with for small business SEO. For a webshop, we love working with Magento and PrestaShop.

Final words regarding our small business SEO services

Go2marK uses White Hat SEO only. This means ethical search engine optimization. Our professional small business SEO services respect the submission guidelines from the search engines at all times.

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Go2marK Company Presentation

Go2mark - Company presentation
Go2marK - Company presentation

Every business has different needs and priorities when it comes to digital marketing. By prioritizing your digital marketing efforts we will obtain the best return on investment.

Go2marK helps you find, connect and engage with customers by using an internet marketing service that helps you move forward.

Download Go2marK's company presentation with an overview of our digital marketing services and see how we can help your business.

Why should you choose Go2marK as your digital marketing agency?

  • Small and flexible organization
  • No-nonsense approach
  • Proven experience
  • Focusing on results
  • No long term contracts
  • No "9 to 5" mentality
  • Quoting the price upfront
  • Customer support that will impress you
  • Getting the best return on your investment
  • Teaming with complementary specialists
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